Monday, December 7, 2009

This Week Could Change our Fishery Forever

NAFO amendments debates are due to resume today in Ottawa, following the abrupt halt of debate last week. The implications would see EU nations policing our vessels, continueing to make their own quotas and in fact becoming the custodians of the fishery that we have fought for generatuions. Message to Ottawa - when we say Custodial Management we meant for Newfoundland and Labrador not for Europeans in Newfoundland and Labrador waters.

From MP Jack Harris to Community Linkages:

"I am pleased to take this opportunity to ensure [you] of my support for the campaign to oppose the amendments to the NAFO Convention.

As you know, I was part of the meeting hosted at the Delta in September by the Community Fisheries Alliance which raised the alarm publicly about what these amendments could mean for both for Canadian sovereignty and for the sustainability of fishing stocks. At that meeting I voiced my own concerns about the failure to achieve custodial management as we heard from Gus Etchegary, Bob Applebaum, Bill Rowatt and Scott Parsons of their well considered views of the problems caused by the new amendment.

...When the matter came before the House, through a report from the Fisheries Committee recommending that the amendments not be ratified and for an objection to be filed with NAFO, the government shut down the debate before I could speak. Nevertheless, I was able to raise the matter in the House the next day. This Monday, December 7th, I will have a full opportunity to speak once again against these amendments when the debate resumes on the Fisheries Committee report.

It is expected that the report will be voted on in Parliament next week."

Fisheries Minister Gail Shea has arrogantly told our Liberal Opposition Leader Yvonne Jones "It's a done deal."

Only the will of the Newfoundlander and the Labradorian has the right to determine "done deals" off our shores.

Issue of Sovereignty

List of MPs, Musicians, Groups, and industry professionals who have identified the NAFO amendments a bad deal.

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