Tuesday, March 31, 2009

60 Years in Canada

My Grandfather had a Joey Shrine. An assortment of memorabilia including the Joey Coin that sat on a corner shelf as a perpetual reminder of the man who saved Newfoundland and Labrador from itself. Confederation is a topic of much debate. Although I occasionally like to stoke the fires I do keep my pot luke warm when it comes to all matters of the 1949 vote.

What about your community? Would you say your community has benefited from being Canadian? Do you feel strongly Canadian yourself? Has your views changed from your grandparents views?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

For Those Who Go to Sea

A prayer for those who go to sea
God speed your journey and keep your soul
your vessel strong and true we plea
return the lamb into our fold

for those who fish on the banks
may your holds be full, your vessel fast
and with your return we give our thanks
for your safe return to us at last

on the icy flows off The Front
tread safely as you copy the ice for seal
your hull be strong as you leave to hunt
your save return our hearts will heal

For those in punts, in boats and skiffs
a vessel of your father's hand
may it hold true, this is our wish
your heavenly father see you to land

for those who fly to the rigs offshore
keep our prayer within your heart
may your flight be swift and your stay secure
until never again our lives will part

for the souls we've lost to the brine and waves
may his mercy to you give
may the Holy ghost your soul to save
while forever within us you live

bless the soul that goes to sea
your craft be swift your path be true
a souls comfort we ask of thee
a simple prayer his mercy and peace for you