Monday, June 1, 2009


In praise of Unsung Heroes.

Part of being a member of Community Linkages is promoting the positive things that are happening in our communities. Media attention too often focuses on the fading breath of our rural communities; we often fail to see the aspects of our communities that are very much alive.

A red pump truck glistens in an open garage door. A fixture of any rural community is the fire hall. The volunteers who stand ready at the drop of a hat to leap into action are true community heroes. As the child of a volunteer firefighter I know the disruption to life that comes with having your father leave on a moments notice to fight for the lives and security of someone else. I know the anguish that comes with the sirens late in the night, and the relief when your dad returns within the hour. "Chimney Fire" he would simply say. And on those times when he does not return within the hour a family is left to fret, hoping for his safety and praying for the families who would be wrapped in blankets outside a charred home. I know the hushed conversation through the walls that would tell me that a person lost their life that night.

With this tremendous responsibly our volunteer firefighters find time to fund raise for their supplies and for charities all across Newfoundland and Labrador. They maintain their engine and hall and offer these facilities for community events.

On Sunday the CLCC had the pleasure of hosting a public meeting at the fire hall in Bay Roberts. A gentleman from the hall let us in and before walking upstairs I had a peak at the truck waiting perpetually to burst from the doors to aid those in crisis. I was reminded of what it meant to have my father as a firefighter.

Thanks to the firefighters of Bay Roberts for making us guests and for those who volunteer so much of themselves so we have the comfort of a safe community. Our sincere thanks.

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